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The Fearless FONA Mindset

Surgical Airway Skills Developed for the Real World

Making the cut is not the hardest part of an emergency surgical airway, it’s all the steps it takes to get there. If you skip any of the steps you will fail. Fearless FONA is about teaching what’s required to successfully perform a surgical airway in the real world. To do that you need to listen to the personal experiences of those who have faced a failed airway, understand all the human factors in play, and the unique training demands a high stakes, low frequency procedure like FONA places on us. Then you can build a successful strategy that works for you.

Jonathan St George MD – Creator of the Protected Airway

CME 4 Credits



This master class on FONA covers all the critical concepts and skills you need to prepare for FONA and to act effectively in a moment of need. Our experts will show you all the tricks of the trade they rely on in their practice. When you’re done, you’ll be able to take your skills to the bedside. Start with the online content here, learn at your own pace, and then join us for live online, as well as in person, PAC events to complete your training.

the path towards MAKing THE CUT

FONA (front of neck access) is the final common pathway for all failed airways. But knowing the path is different from walking the path. We discuss how to get yourself there so you can make the cut.

defeat is merely temporary (rethink failure)

What are the most underappreciated barriers that keep us from performing FONA? Perhaps our greatest roadblocks are the ones in our own mind..

GETTING TO THE other side of complexity

Why are we so often unprepared for the failed airway? Maybe, just maybe, we should wade into the complexity of performing FONA in a stressful and chaotic environment before we have to do it, so we can get safely to get to the other side.

the simplicity of the scalpel

In moments time dependent moments of stress, less is always more. You need a simplified approach to the surgical airway.

staying sharp

Our creative design team has developed one of the most versatile and and realistic 3D printed FONA trainers.. Perform the procedure under graded levels of difficulty until you feel comfortable performing it on any anatomic variation you might encounter in the real world.

Schedule of V-PAC Virtual Live Events

Our team has designed a series of remote discussions, training simulations and deliberate practice exercises for this virtual installation. Our virtual live events allow you to hone your clinical interactions as well as your skills to make them more effective.

CME 4 Credits

Build Your Own Learning Installations with the PAC Poster Series

The PAC posters used in the course are available to you, so you can build these essential emergency airway installations at your shop. Just download and print our interactive posters, and you will have access to all the embedded digital airway content that will walk learners through all the core concepts and skills for this topic. Set them up in any pop-up space, then keep them up as long as you like, use them over and over! Just add your own equipment and faculty for hands on learning.


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