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Innovations, Research & Publications



We think of PAC as an integrated, design forward, next generation learning delivery system, and one of the key features at the heart of its design is the ability to be an incubator for innovation. We see the transformation of how we learn in medical education as an iterative process that can be accelerated and driven by the development of new learning platforms that provide opportunity for participants to see their own training and practice differently. Whether it’s our online learning or in the unique PAC installations, or in our anatomy lab, every aspect of PAC has been leveraged to pursue opportunities for innovation, research and publications.

The PAC concept is an “open source platform” and we are dedicated to encouraging and nurturing new ideas and young faculty interested in pursuing solutions to problems in emergency airway management and training and exploring their ideas with us. This space is dedicated to highlighting just some of the great innovations that have come from the PAC community.

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