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The Protected Airway Collaborative

NextGen Learning Designed to Elevate Your Airway Practice


A Collaborative Airway Community

Welcome to the Protected Airway. We are a community of airway educators dedicated to making airway training better. PAC was created around a simple idea: that any airway knowledge is useless if it can’t be translated into action during those stressful and time-critical moments when it matters most. In today’s learning environment, consistent access to high-quality learning opportunities is the biggest challenge to achieving this kind of mastery. To help, our team of experts from across the spectrum of airway care and our medical education innovators set out to design a training program that is more accessible, engaging, and (most importantly) more effective by focusing not only on what you learn but how you learn.

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Changing How We Learn

We provide accessible, consistent, high-quality airway education, that integrates the digital and physical space to deliver airway training anywhere, anytime. By developing online education in a format that can be recreated in physical space, for hands-on skills training, we break down traditional knowledge silos and transcends the limits of current airway teaching styles.

A Collaborative Design Process

We start by connecting our diverse team of airway expert educators from anesthesia, critical care, emergency medicine, otolaryngology, EMS, and others with our creative design partners. These design partners go far beyond traditional medical education. We enlist the expertise of graphic designers, fabricators, content creators, and illustrators. Experts and artists in augmented reality, AI, and systems design set them to work on building an entire universe of immersive, interactive, and customizable training modules that we call learning spaces.

Merging Digital & Physical Space

An airway training platform that lives in both the digital and physical space. Go inside a learning space online, and you’ll be connected to all our content covering basic to advanced airway concepts and skills. Use our rapid reviews, self-assessment tools, and guided self-practice resources. Listen to our original podcasts, follow our blog & social media posts, listen to personal airway stories, build your learning network with our pick of other great airway educators, and much more.

Then discover how we transform these digital spaces into the physical space to create our immersive in-person education experiences. Our unique pop-up style brings all our digital content to life, providing hands-on practice training labs, expert coaching, and high-fidelity simulations that deliver an unprecedented education continuum. Each pop-up space can be easily recreated anywhere, anytime, and be left to run on its own for 24/7 learning that can be integrated into daily workflows, existing conferences, and more.

Blending learning styles to meet learners where they live, providing more effective and resilient education opportunities, and transforming the learning experience for the next generation of clinicians is at the heart of what we do. Getting started, is as easy as entering below. Then subscribe & join our community.

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