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MOre than a course We’re a collaborative community

Welcome to the Protected Airway Community. We’re dedicated to making airway training better by focusing on you, the learner. PAC was created around a single simple idea: that any airway knowledge is useless if it can’t be translated into action during those stressful and time-critical moments when it matters most. So our team of experts from across the spectrum of airway care set out to make training more accessible, more engaging, and (most importantly) more effective, by focusing on how you learn.

dedicated to how you learn so that what you learn is there for you when you need it
nEXTGEN training DESIGNED to elevate your airway practice

To do this, we developed an entirely new learning delivery system that breaks down traditional knowledge silos, and transcends the limits of current teaching styles. We apply design thinking to achieve more effective knowledge translation.

We start by connecting our diverse team of educators from anesthesia, critical care, emergency medicine, otolaryngology, EMS, and others, with our creative design partners to build an entire universe of immersive, interactive and customizable training modules that we call learning spaces.

A collaborative design process

These learning spaces are where we merge digital and physical space to enhance your airway training. Where we apply design thinking to address the challenges of today’s learning environment, where traditional and novel styles of teaching are blended to make something new. Where we collaborate to bring greater depth and perspective to every topic. 

Merging Digital & Physical Space

Each nextgen learning space is designed to function effectively in both the online and in person learning environment, eliminating the traditional boundary between the two. Go inside a learning space online and you’ll be connected to all of our rapid reviews, self-assessment tools, guided self-practice resources & training labs, original podcasts, blog & social media posts, personal airway stories, curated learning networks and much much more.

Then discover how we use these digital spaces to create our immersive in person education experiences. Our unique pop up style brings all our digital content to life, providing hands on practice in our training labs, expert coaching, and high fidelity simulations to create an education continuum for airway training anytime, anywhere.

Blending learning styles to meet learners where they live, providing more effective and resilient education opportunities, and transforming the learning experience for the next generation of clinicians is at the heart of what we do. Getting started, is as easy as entering below. Then subscribe & join our community.