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The Learner’s Guidebook

a manual for how to get the most out of your experience


Welcome to PAC! All of you are here because of your personal commitment to being better at what you do, and we are honored to be part of that journey. Please take a moment to review the information here. It will help you to get the most out of the experience with us. We look forward to seeing you soon at the head of the bed!

pac explained

“We are more than an airway course. Our work seeks to transform how we learn in medical education by developing the next generation of teaching styles that meet learners where they live, and provide a more accessible, more engaging, effective, and inspiring learning experience.” -Jonathan St George – Director

When it comes to airway skills, there’s an important difference between knowing the path and walking the path. PAC was created around a single simple idea: that any airway knowledge is useless if it can’t be successfully translated into action during the stressful, and time-critical moments when it matters most. We believe that what you learn should function in the real world.

But achieving that goal in today’s education environment has many challenges. So we set out on a mission to solve this them by creating an new style of learning, One that focus not just on what you learn but how you learn.

We do this through partnerships with experts in medical education across all disciplines, and design experts outside of the traditional boundaries of medicine like the School of Visual Arts Design for Social Innovation, Cornell Tech and other artists here in NYC. Our work applies design thinking to the complex problems of learning in today’s healthcare environment, and explores the boundaries between digital and physical; remote and in person learning.

At PAC, our creators have built a series of uniquely immersive, interactive, and self-directed learning experiences that strengthen airway knowledge by addressing all the elements required for clinical mastery. Foundational knowledge, critical concepts, procedures, planning and logistics, teamwork, human factors and personal experience are all integrated seamlessly with expert coaching and high fidelity simulations into a unified learning experience that provides learners with a powerful opportunity to improve their airway management skills.

the digital space

The backbone of the system is our innovative new website that allows for simultaneous interactive learning across every space, and every theme based topic in the PAC universe throughout the entire day of an event and beyond. The website helps us to create a truly immersive, interactive and self-directed learning experience unheard of before in medical education.

No more classrooms, no more shuffling groups of learners from one place to another on a fixed schedule, no more one size fits all training. Instead learners decide what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. This is goal directed adult learning done the right way. 

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the physical space

We do all of this by designing the website to work seamlessly with our graphically designed posters and embedded QR codes that connect the digital content to the physical space. Each theme based poster explores one aspect of a specific topic like video laryngoscopy or the surgical airway. Put together in series within the physical space learners are exposed to big picture ideas, core concepts, personal experiences, and procedural skills with audio and video tools that provide guided hands on practice opportunities with the equipment provided in each installation.

Expert Coaching 
how to use them effectively

Expert coaches are available for you at key training stations to help you improve your skills. To use them effectively we encourage you to take time to practice on your own first. Most hands on stations have guided self-practice tools available.

Go ahead a practice on your own first in a judgement free zone, problem solve on your own or with a friend. Then ask coaches to give you feedback on your technique.

Take as much time as you like and come back as often as you like to spaced practice.

The SIMulation Challenges

Simulation challenges frequently integrated into live events, and are designed to bring together all the core concepts and skills from within the self-directed and coaching portions of the installation. They run simultaneously with the installations on a set schedule.

Think of the self-directed spaces and the coaching as a huge supercharged flipped classroom for the simulation challenges, which ask you to deploy your new knowledge and skills in a realistic setting. 

Once you’re done with a simulation we encourage you to take that experience and use it to go back into the self-directed learning space to focus on the areas you need to review. This iterative process of self-directed learning, coaching, simulation, back to self-directed learning is part of the design and is what makes this design so powerful.

self-assessment tools

Each learning space comes with a simple self assessment tool like the one here.

When you enter a learning space, open the self assessment tool. As you explore the content, review the material, and practice your skills, you can then answer the related questions or demonstrate a skill at one of our faculty coaching stations to collect points.

how to prepare

We’ve tried to make PAC events as stress free and engaging as possible for you. Our experience is that the day is full of great energy and learning and we don’t want confusion to distract from that experience. Here is what you can do to get ready. It should require minimal time. 👇


register for the website

The website is free to access but requires you to register in order to get full access. Please go here and sign up and then take a look around and familiarize yourself with the format.


BRING these essentials with you

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you bring your mobile device, headphones and a charger. All of the learning spaces require you to be able to access the interactive digital content through QR codes on your device. Your experience will be severely diminished if you don’t bring these items with you.


visit your learning space

The PAC universe of learning spaces lives here. One of the many great design features of PAC is that the digital spaces merge seamlessly with the physical spaces, which makes them available to you anytime before, during, or after our in person events. We encourage you to take some time to see what’s available and map your in person journey by deciding which learning spaces are most important to you.

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