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The AMBU aScope is a single-use, flexible bronchoscopy device that can be used for difficult emergency airway cases, In a patient with an anatomically difficult airway who gives you time to perform FOI (i.e. not a crash airway) and in a physiologically difficult airway in which a hemodynamically neutral intubation is desired, fiberoptic intubation (FOI) may be the preferred method, but requires skill with a fiberoptic device like this one.

instructions for use

Content here is organized from rapid reveiw to deep dive to get you the most important content first. Getting started is as simple as scrolling down, or you can go directly to specific content by using the links below👇

Rapid ReviewFull Video
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rapid review – aScope

Don’t have time for the full video or just need a refresher on the basics of FOI with the AMBU aScope? We cut the in service video down to less than 90 seconds. Loop it and enjoy.

full video

Get a 5 minute review of the basic setup up of this device and some simple skills for driving the scope to the trachea.


Here are some great videos from the company. A great inservice review.

Preparing scope
Insertion into mouth
Navigating tongue
Through the cords

what’s next

Want more FOI training in the PAC learning style?, you can access to our masterclass of FOI for the age of VL here.. Simply click on the masterclass link below to take you to the integrated learning space for online and hands on training tools.

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