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Air Time – Share Your Story

A Narrative Medicine Project


Airway training is most often focused on critical concepts and procedural skills, but what about the value of our human stories? How do the saves, the scary moments, and the bad outcomes impact us as care providers, and is there a way to share those stories so they have meaning and impact on our collective practice?

This is the goal of Air Time. A narrative medicine project that brings these personal stories to you. Each one is filled with shared experience, and lessons learned, and through them provides understanding and support through storytelling.

We think you will find these stories express the deep personal impact our work has not only on the lives of the patients we care, but also on ourselves. We also think this is a profoundly personal and moving way to pass on our knowledge to the next generation of caregivers. We hope you listen, learn, and then join us by telling your story.

share your story

Listen to Dr Susan Fraymovich share her experience here.


We invite you to share your stories with us. Simply record an audio or video of the story you want to share answering these three questions:

  • Tell us about a difficult airway that you experienced?
  • How did this experience impact you personally?
  • What did you learn?

Your audio or video recordings don’t have to be long. Ideally with think under five minutes is best. If you want to submit but not sure about technical requirements don’t worry, we can help. Just email us.

With your permission these stories will be placed within our interactive learning spaces using the small posters like the one above framed and placed on the walls for people to listen to using their mobile devices and headphones. Please submit your stories to

A Simple AIR Time Story Template
  • Rachel Kowalsky MD
  • Sara Zaidi MD
  • Jamie Lee MD
  • Jonathan St George MD