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MedEDge Designs

A digital media & maker lab

WHAT: MedEDge Lab is a digital media & maker design space that provides the resources for the creation of digital content and fabrication. Our vision is to create medical education that goes beyond our traditional teaching styles, to enhance knowledge translation and meet learners where they live. Our mission is to create better mentorship and resources to reduce the barriers to next generation content development and creation.

MedEDge partners with creative designers in the Maker Lab at Cornell Tech, and the School of Visual Arts Design for Social Innovation program, bringing together a collaboration that could only occur in New York City. Educators and artists, graphic designers and medical experts, all in one space to create innovative medical education: integration of digital content, like 3D videos, GIFs, podcasts; digital fabrication and leveraging other “off the shelf” technology to create advanced interactive spaces like the learning installations at PAC.

  • Design & fabricate both digital and physical MedEd tools.
  • Creation of digital content examples
    • Get that podcast idea of yours off the ground
    • Build a social media education campaign
    • Live streaming & remote training
    • Create video content
  • Build immersive and interactive learning spaces
  • Develop your fabrication & maker skills
    • Examples include:
    • 3D printed tracheas for surgical airway training
    • 3D printed laryngoscopes
    • Fiberoptic training tool

WHY: We want to support and promote the development of current and future medical lowering the technical hurdles, providing the infrastructure, and the mentorship to help you to develop new MedEd teaching skills in a creative and interactive environment.

WHO:  All are welcome! If you have an interest in medical education and design innovation this is the place for you. This isn’t just for faculty. All residents and department members with an interest are welcome!

HOW: Digital Content Creation: on the first Tuesday of each month we will be offering opportunities to learn and create Just reach out to us if you want to participate in active projects or you have an idea of your own you want to develop!

Maker Lab: Every Friday from 10am-1pm Niti Parikh will be available for mentorship and project development for 3D printing and other fabrication projects.

CONTACT: (Jonathan St George MD – Director) to schedule other times to meet or use the space


Program Offerings – January 2022

Join us for our open house development and production days! where you can come and check us out, join us to learn new digital media skills, or develop and produce your own content! Please RSVP using the contact info below and we will be happy to talk and share more information with you about what’s possible.

  • Digital Media Studio
    • OPEN HOUSE – 1st Tuesday of every month
    • Contact us to schedule other times
    • Learn about the space
    • Join active projects of interest
    • Develop your own MedEd digital media content
      • Develop and shoot video content & live streams
      • Develop and record podcasts
      • Create social media content (Instagram, YouTube, etc)

  • Maker Lab – Every Friday from 10-1pm
  • Do you have a project or want to begin developing one?
    • Meet Niti Parikh – Director of the Maker Lab @CornellTech
      • Learn about the MAKE MEDED and MAKE HEALTH programs
      • Learn about maker lab opportunities for instruction and design
      • See what’s coming for our lab at Weill Cornell SIM center

Contact us at: jos7007@berlindmed-cornell-edu

Upcoming Events

Digital Media & Maker LabMaker Lab – Intro with Dr Parikh
10amDML -N11
Digital Media & Maker LabDevelopment and Production Day
10amDML -N11
Digital Media & Maker LabDevelopment and Production Day
10amDML -N11
PAC LIVE EVENTCornell Medical College 9am
10amDML -N11

Maker Lab

Digital Media & Maker Lab is a joint project with @CornellTech and the Simulation Center @WeillCornell

Creative Leads

Jonathan St. George MD is director of the Digital Media & Maker Lab at Weill Cornell. A medical educator and course designer at every level of medical education, his work is focused on the development of enhanced learning delivery systems through creative partnership with experts and institutions in both the arts and sciences. His immersive, interactive and self-directed learning styles, such as the Protected Airway Course, merge digital and physical space into integrated learning experiences intended to improve knowledge translation by meeting learners where they live. 

Kevin Ching MD  is the Medical Director of the Weill Cornell Medicine NewYork-Presbyterian Simulation Center, and an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at Weill Cornell Medicine. He is a co-founder and director of BASE Camp, an annual high-impact, simulation-based conference focused on training multiprofessional teams of international pediatric emergency medicine providers in the care of critically ill and injured children. As a physician and educator, his passion is in creating new and exciting medical education environments that challenge our conventions and transform the ways we teach, learn, and assess our students.

Niti Parikh is a designer/maker currently leading the MakerLAB at Cornell Tech. She has over 10+ years of experience in the field of Interior Architecture and Sustainable Manufacturing. After her masters in Interior Architecture from RISD she worked for LMN Architects in Seattle where she focused on sustainable practices in public spaces. One of her projects was the Vancouver Convention Center West which is the permanent home of the 2010 Olympic Torch. After moving to the Bay Area in 2008, she started her own design studio (NPS) which practices modern day crafts to solve design problems big and small.

Miya Osaki –  is the chair of the Design For Social Innovation MFA program at School of Visual Arts. In addition, Miya is the founding partner at Diagram a New York-based, women- and minority-owned healthcare design studio. Miya brings her skills in interaction design, human-centered research, storytelling, and behavior design to create experiences aiming to better outcomes and enable patients to better improve their health, wellbeing, care, and quality of life.

Ming Ming Cooke – Digital Media Senior Director