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Active Projects

Transforming the learning experience together

“There is no transformation of the healthcare delivery system without also transforming how we learn.”

WHAT: PAC and our MedEDge Lab are a collaborative design space. We work collectively to create the next generation of learning tools by providing design, development and mentorship resources. Our MedEDge lab provides multimedia and fabrication equipment, and our extended network from the Maker Lab at Cornell Tech to the School of Visual Arts provides a one of kind multidisciplinary approach to MedEd design.

HOW: Propose and develop your own project or join one of the ongoing projects below. Use our MedEd design space to address the challenges of knowledge translation in today’s learning environment. Our work has been applied to education curriculum from student to advanced clinician; from personal learning to department and institution patient safety and quality improvement.

WHO: Anyone with interest in MedED innovation are welcome including: students, residents, faculty, advanced practitioners, EMS, nursing and others. Please feel free to contact us.

List of Current Projects
The PAC CourseHelp with design, creation and production of key elements of this courseSt George
3D printed video laryngoscopesDevelopment of 3D printed video laryngoscopes using off the shelf technology & mobile devicesJonathan St GeorgeInfo
Physiologically Difficult AirwayInteractive immersive learning space to teach peri-intubation resuscitation skillsSara Murphy
Difficult Airway Cart DesignUse of space & infographic design to improve rapid access to our difficult airway equipmentJonathan St George
The AIR KitRapid response kit for easy access to critical airway equipment PiechowskiInfo
Airway AnatomyCollaboration with the Cornell anatomy dept to create clinically relevant detailed anatomy for clinicians.Dr Mtui
SALAD & Blakemore SIMCreation of a SIM designed to train clinicians to safely and effectively place an endotracheal tube & Blakemore in patient with a massive variceal bleedJim DuCanto
Neonatal AirwayCreation of a clinically effective airway curriculum for the neonate. Collaborate with PEM and NICU teamMaria LameInfo
Real StoriesCollecting audio and video stories from clinicians on their airway experiences

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