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AACA Post Graduate Course

American Association of Clinical Anatomists

nextgen learning to elevate your anatomy practice


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The Integrated Learning Space

This program is a unique transformation of the learning space. It explores a new frontier in medical education: the merging of digital and physical space to create self-directed, immersive, interactive, and collaborative learning experiences through collaboration with anatomists to meet the next generation of learners where they live so that we can build new learning spaces for the next generation of clinicians.

With Enhanced Digital Content

We connect our diverse team of airway expert educators from anesthesia, critical care, emergency medicine, otolaryngology, and EMS with our team of anatomists and our creative design partners. We enlist the expertise of graphic designers, fabricators, content creators, illustrators, experts, and artists in augmented reality, AI, and systems design and set them to work on building immersive, interactive, and customizable training modules that we call learning spaces.

Transforming the Physical Space

Then, we use these digital spaces to transform the physical space to create our immersive in-person education experiences. Our unique pop-up style brings all our digital content to life, providing hands-on practice training labs, expert coaching, and high-fidelity simulations that deliver an unprecedented education continuum. Each pop-up space can be easily recreated anywhere, anytime, and be left to run independently for 24/7 learning that can be integrated into daily workflows, existing conferences, and more. 

Map Your Journey

.Not every learner is at the same level or has the same training needs. These Learning Spaces are self-directed. With this program, you can prioritize the relevant training. Map your journey and focus on the content that matters to you. Then, use the same space as an online masterclass before, during, and after this live event

Learn more about how we use the digital space to transform the physical space to provide hands-on skills training, expert coaching, and more.

Hands-On Clinical Skills

For this course we have access to one of the most advanced anatomy labs in the country at Weill Cornell Medical College. We bring diverse faculty and provide state-of-the-art equipment so you can get your hands on all of it! This action-packed program provides the opportunity to perform video laryngoscopy, fiberoptic intubation, and other airway skills, including surgical cricothyrotomy, in the most anatomically realistic setting possible. 

Course Program

This comprehensive program highlights the intersection of advances in clinical anatomy and its role in airway management training. Upon completion, participants will be able to:



To navigate the airway, you need to be able to identify key anatomic landmarks and understand the three-dimensional spacial geometry projected onto a two-dimensional screen, if you want the ability to problem-solve in real-time during laryngoscopy. Enter this space to learn the relevant anatomy and elevate your practice.