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The Element of Simplicity


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In time-dependent stressful situations, complexity is the enemy. In this space, we explore another key element of cultivating a Fearless FONA mindset. Simplicity.

“See simplicity in the complicated, Seek greatness in little things. In the universe, the difficult things are done as if they were easy.”

Lao Tzu

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Key Concept

Simplicity is not the same thing as simplistic. We’re not talking about dumbing down our approach. We aren’t looking for shortcuts that are substandard solutions because they’re easier; we’re seeking out excellence through simplicity.  This is something else entirely.  

How to Cultivate Simplicity

Look at every aspect of your approach to FONA through the lens of simplicity to find an economy and fluidity of action: from the preparation to the planning to the trigger language that initiates action, from how and where you store your equipment to the steps of your FONA procedure. You need to weed out the inefficiency or unnecessary complexity until you’re left with only what will give you the ability to successfully perform FONA in under 3 minutes from the onset of refractory hypoxia. 

Expert Tips

Once you have begun to see your FONA approach through the lens of simplicity, it will begin to become clear, but to get you started, here are some tips about how and where to cultivate the element of simplicity in your FONA practice. This is not an exhaustive list. Just a place to start.

User Guide

Keep yourself on track and get credit for completion using this guide.

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  2. Visit each poster & review the content.
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What’s Next


Congratulations! You’ve completed this section of the learning space. Collect all the available points before moving on to the next poster to explore all the interactive and hands-on learning opportunities. 

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