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The 4 Elements of FONA

The building blocks

Like any good practice, you must have a strong foundation. Building a Fearless FONA Mindset is no different. It requires four basic elements.

There are many false paths to FONA. The true path is the one that leads towards right action in a moment of need.

– Unknown airway master
the 4 elements

Building a successful FONA strategy requires an iterative process of refinement that includes these four elements. Find out what they are here and then let’s get started building yours.


human factors

Many of the reasons we make critical delays when FONA is needed is our failure to address the human factors involved. Our fear of failure, stress that erodes our ability to think clearly, confusion in team roles and responsibilities.

The first element is the human element, often more murky and harder to analyze it is none the less and essential requirement for successful FONA.



Seek simplicity. Cultivating this element reflects and understanding of the environment in which this knowledge is deployed and the time dependent nature of the situation

It is the opposite of simplistic, but rather and desire to seek out the most uncluttered, efficient and elegant simplicity possible to ensure your timely success at performing FONA.



Knowing the failed airway algorithm is insufficient to ensure you will be able perform FONA in a moment of need. The element of planning is about cultivating a strategy to amplify the signal that FONA should be performed and providing on the ground bedside tactics to achieve that objective.



FONA is a high stakes but low frequency procedure that requires the element of practice to achieve a level of comfort with the procedure.

Time will erode that comfort, and the ability to recall key steps in the procedure, if opportunities for regular practice are not part of your Fearless FONA Mindset.


These four elements are the key to cultivating a Fearless FONA Mindset that will help you make the cut in a moment of need. Please review all the material in this space, and then head to any poster in this series to continue.

Next Steps

Congratulations on completing this element of the Fearless FONA Mindset. Your are well on your way to cultivating your own FFM.. Go ahead and start exploring the next element in this series by visiting the poster below.

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