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The 4 Elements of FONA

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Like any good practice, you must have a strong foundation. Building a Fearless FONA Mindset is no different. It requires four basic elements.

Rapid Review

Building a successful FONA strategy requires an iterative process of refinement that includes these four elements. Find out what they are here and then start building yours.

An Overview of the Four Elements

Here is a brief overview of each element. We will explore each in more detail and use them to develop a framework for cultivating a Fearless FONA Mindset.

Human Factors

The first element is the human element, often more murky and harder to analyze it is an essential requirement for successful FONA.

One of the reasons we make critical delays when FONA is needed is our failure to address the human factors involved. Fear of failure, stress, communication, skill erosion all impact the ability to get FONA right.


Seek simplicity. Cultivating this element reflects an understanding of the environment in which this knowledge is deployed and the time-dependent nature of the situation.

It is the opposite of simplistic, but rather a desire to seek out the elegant simplicity solution to ensure your timely success.


The element of planning is about strategy and tactics. Without them, FONA is just a thought in your head.


FONA is a high-stakes, low-frequency procedure. Time will erode your skills and reduce confidence, leading to critical delays in FONA performance. That’s why the element of practice is necessary as part of cultivating a fearless FONA mindset.


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What’s Next


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