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The Human Element

why we fail

Some of the toughest barriers to FONA are the ones that exist in our own minds. Spend some time in this space learning what keeps us from making the cut and what you can do about it.

critical language

There is nothing more human than language. Clear definitions and clear language are an essential element of cultivating a fearless FONA mindset.

personal journeys

To be human is to share stories. Listen to the stories of those who have been there, and find out what they learned from the experience.

rewire your brain

Yes, it’s time to rethink our relationship to failure to something more productive.

performance under stress

Ignore the effects of stress at your peril. Spend time inoculating yourself with the performance enhancing techniques here.

Next Steps

Congratulations on completing this element of the Fearless FONA Mindset. Your are well on your way to cultivating your own FFM.. Go ahead and start exploring the next element in this series by visiting the poster below.

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