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master the first law of emergency airway

This space is all about mastering the ability to oxygenate your patient in any situation by any means necessary. To do this well you need more than just skill with a laryngoscope. You need a set of concepts, skills and tools that will help you achieve your goal when it counts. Get started by scrolling down and becoming a citizen of the OXYGENATION.

Map Your own Journey

Follow your own path. Our programs seamlessly integrate digital and physical space for an enhanced learning experience. The immersive and interactive design of PAC will provide you with all the concepts and skills you need to master any airway situation in an engaging, self-directed, judgement free zone. Learn how here.


What is this learning space all about? Get started on your journey through this installation by listening here.

Some stories have a powerful impact. This is one of those.

the first law

The laws of airway management are immutable. Ignore them at your peril. Here we teach you about the first and most important one.

a cognitive tool

When the stakes are high you need a cognitive tool that will lower the stress. This one can do just that in an airway emergency.

two important concepts

The twin concepts of OPTIMIZATION & BEST EFFORT are powerful tools to protect your patient in an airway emergency, and we will explore them here.

airway anatomy

You don’t just need an understanding of airway anatomy, you need a clinically relevant understanding of airway anatomy. Here’s what you need to know to be successful.

the 3 upper airway lifelines

The three upper airway lifelines are the foundational tools of oxygenation.

The surgical lifeline

FONA is the final common pathway for a failed airway, but knowing the path is different from walking the path. Success requires more than procedural skills: it requires cultivating a mindset that will allow you to make the cut in a moment of need.

integrated simulation

High fidelity simulations to put your new skills to use are available at our live events.


Sure you could stop here, but why would you? Use the digital content in this space for guided self-practice in our pop-up installations, visit our expert coaches, or dive into any of the other immersive theme based learning spaces at PAC, either online or in person.

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