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Prioritize Oxygenation

Welcome. We merge digital and physical space in new ways to bring you this next generation learning style. Learning spaces at PAC are nextgen flipped classrooms that integrate our uniquely immersive, interactive and self-directed in person learning installations with our online masterclasses to create more resilient, more accessible airway training that will help you meet the challenges of today’s learning environment. Enjoy. 😊

instructions for use
What you’ll find here

why it matters

This space begins with a story of loss; of human factors, and the role they play in emergency airway care. An inspiring story of one man’s tragedy and a quest to change the way we train.

cognitive tools

Cognitive tools and a conceptual foundation, that will help you successfully deploy your knowledge when it counts,

tools of the trade

Opportunities to master each upper airway lifeline: supraglottic airway device, face mask ventilation, and endotracheal tube.

Learn how to make this first law the foundation of all your training

Why it matters

  • Face Mask Ventilation
  • Supraglottic Airway Device
  • Endotracheal Intubation

These are your three upper airway lifelines. They all deliver lifesaving oxygen, but they can be even more powerful if you know how to use them together

The twin concepts of optimization and best effort will help you succeed at achieving the first law. Learn how

Many people badly underestimate the need for good BVM skills. Don’t be one of them

The supraglottic airway device (SAD) has lots of advantages. In this space we demonstrate all you need to know to use these important devices

Placing an endotracheal tube requires skill with a laryngoscope. In this space we break it down into a step by step approach that can improve your success


We want to connect you with the faculty for training sessions online, for remote presentations, discussions, and Q&A. Each session will help to fill in any gaps in knowledge and to give you insight into the mind of the experts. Connect below to sign up for times when the faculty and other learners meet in the virtual classroom


In Person

More to come. Watch this space

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