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Prepare Your Patient

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The first thing to do is to assess and prepare your patient. You can learn how here.👇

Rapid Review

Quick Tips

Here are some more quick tips on preparing your patient before administering sedatives and paralytics for RSI. When you’re at the head of the bed, your patient should be your first priority; protecting them from harm is your goal.

Assess & Reassure Your Patient

We know you’re a caring person. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here learning how to save lives. But the person about to be intubated (if they’re awake) is probably scared out of their mind. Being at the head of the bed is a perfect place to put your hand on their shoulder and tell them we got you. Your face may be the last one they see for a while.

The Ideal Position


Patient positioning is critical. Not only can it improve your patient’s oxygenation and safe apnea time, but it can also be the difference between an easy intubation and a hard one. Here are three simple things you always need to do.

Bed Up Head Elevated

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We typically intubate patients in the supine position, Recent studies suggest that may be less than ideal.

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Tricks of the trade

How do you get your patient in that ideal sniffing position? Here’s an easy technique that can make it a whole lot easier.

Preparing Your Patient Demonstration

Let’s put it all together in this quick patient preparation demonstration. Note each step, from making room at the head of the bed and adjusting stretcher height to reassuring your patient.

What’s Next


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