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Prepare Your Patient


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critical actions

Preparing your patient for Intubation requires doing a few critical actions.

Prepare your patient

Accelerate your learning with this rapid review of the essential you need to prepare your patient for intubation.

Patient Position

Patient positioning is a critical. Not only can it improve oxygenation of your patient and improve your safe apnea time, but it can be the difference between an easy intubation and a hard one. Here are 3 simple things you always need to do.

  • Sit the patient up
  • Adjust the height of the bed
  • Place patient in the sniffing position
Tricks of the trade

An easy technique that can make adjusting your patient’s position a whole lot easier. See how.

core concept

Make sure you have time on your side.

the nitrogen wash-out

Optimize your pre-oxygenation strategy to give you the most time

should you buhe?

Check this out. Usually we sit the patient up and the put them down again to intubate. But is that necessary? Listen here. 👆

Watch here
A great FOAMed Demo of BUHE

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