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Safe Apnea Time

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Intubation requires that the flow of oxygen to the lungs be temporarily halted while that tube is delivered. The ability to “fill the tank” of the lungs as a reservoir, and thus provide safe apnea time is critical.

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safe apnea time

Safe Apnea Time is the foundation for any safe intubation practice that involves induction and paralytic medications. It is the strategic use of supplemental oxygen, patient positioning, and medication selection to prolong the time between the induction of apnea in your patient and critical hypoxia.

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Strategies that extend the safe apnea time protect your patient from the harm of hypoxia by allowing for an extended interruption in oxygen delivery to the lungs to perform the intubation procedure.

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Do you like to nerd out on the alveolar gas equation? Do you love seeing the numbers? Then, this great online resource by Dr Micheal Bently is for you.

No one provides a more thorough discussion of safe apnea time than Nicholas Chrimes, creator of the Vortex Approach. Read more here, then add him to your social learning network.

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The most important component of creating and extending safe apnea time is the procedure of pre-oxygenation. To learn about how to do pre-oxygenation right find the poster below.


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