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Own the Head of the Bed


Everything You Need to Feel Comfortable in the Airway Operator’s Home Base

The head of the bed is the airway operator’s home base. We built this learning space to give you all the cognitive tools, skills, and tactics to prepare you to take ownership of this vital role in the resuscitation bay. Getting started is as easy as scrolling down. 👇


Get a quick overview and a planning guide to map your journey through the space here

the essential CHOREOGRAPHY of RSI

What happens, when does it happen, and in what order? In this space learn the essential choreography that is RSI.

Prepare your patient

Not sure what to do first? Prepare your patient…

the essential toolkit

What do you need? Here’s a review of everything you need and nothing you don’t

Airway Management is a Team Sport

Now that you have a plan, share it. Emergency airway is a team event.

get control fast

RSI – We do it for a reason. Do it often. Do it right for improved first pass success.

Are you ready for this?

Human factors always play a role in outcomes in emergency airway. Stress is on of those factors. Learn how to beat the stress.

integrated simulation

Turn this learning space into an immersive flipped classroom and test your knowledge in our simulation.

what’s next

Sure you could stop here, but why would you? This masterclass is seamlessly integrated with all the the related content below. Listen to the podcast, enter our guided self-practice training stations, build your own hands on training space with our downloads, or visit us at one of our PAC Live!! events and take the SIM challenge below 👇

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