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Own the Head of the Bed

nextgen learning to elevate your airway practice

The Integrated Learning Space

With Enhanced Digital Content

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Our enhanced digital content allows you to learn in multiple ways. Use the digital space here as an online course for learning anytime, anywhere. Then, let the same enhanced digital content guide you through our uniquely immersive, interactive physical spaces for hands-on procedure training, skills challenges, expert coaching, and high-fidelity simulations. Welcome to next-generation training designed to elevate your airway practice.

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What’s Inside


User guides are available for each learning space. Visit each poster to collect maximum points. If you’re in a PAC pop-up physical space, complete the skills challenges, demonstrate your skills to our expert faculty, and get real-time feedback to earn even more points toward completion.

Learning Objectives



Get a quick overview and a planning guide to map your journey through the space here

the essential CHOREOGRAPHY of RSI

What happens, when does it happen, and in what order? In this space learn the essential choreography that is RSI.

Prepare your patient

Not sure what to do first? Prepare your patient…

the essential toolkit

What do you need? Here’s a review of everything you need and nothing you don’t

Airway Management is a Team Sport

Now that you have a plan, share it. Emergency airway is a team event.

What’s Next

You could stop here, but why would you want to? You have the entire universe of online immersive and interactive learning spaces here. If you’re with us in person at one of our live events, courses, or pop-up learning spaces, use the enhanced digital content for hands-on training, skills development, and expert coaching for next-generation learning designed to elevate your airway practice.