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Own the Head of the Bed


Everything You Need to Feel Comfortable in the Airway Operator’s Home Base

We merge digital and physical space in new ways to bring you more resilient, more accessible airway training designed to meet the challenges of today’s learning environment. Enjoy 😊


The head of the bed is the airway operator’s home base. We built this learning space to give you all the cognitive tools, skills, and tactics to prepare to take ownership of this vital role in the resuscitation bay, and to feel confident

What you’ll learn here
  • Key concepts and tools to help you develop your intubation plan
  • An understanding of the role and responsibilities of this vital space
  • A strategy for successful ownership of the head of the bed
  • Tactics to help you be successful in the real world
  • The use of airway checklists
  • Core skills to prepare your patient
  • Pre-Oxygenation skills
  • RSI skills training
  • An updated equipment setup plan
  • Important team communication skills

view on mobile device
approximate time required: 90min
instructions for use

Get a quick overview and a planning guide to map your journey through the space here

Not sure what to do first? Prepare your patient…

Make sure you have time on your side

Optimize your pre-oxygenation strategy

What do you need? Here’s a review of everything you need and nothing you don’t

A guide for making your airway plan simple but complete

Now that you have a plan, share it. Emergency airway is a team event.

RSI – We do it for a reason. Do it often. Do it right

Hey, did you miss something, maybe something important?

Human factors always play a role in outcomes in emergency airway. Stress is on of those factors. Learn how to beat the stress.


virtual & in person pac events

Our team has designed a series of remote discussions, training simulations and deliberate practice exercises for this masterclass to take your training to the next level. Our virtual live events allow you to hone your clinical interactions as well as your skills to make them more effective when it counts.

In person

Learning installations are a unique transformation of the learning space. It explores a new frontier in medical education: merging of digital and physical space to create self-directed, immersive, interactive and collaborative learning experiences that meet the next generation of learners where they live.

anatomy lab

build your own in person learning space

At PAC the interactive posters with embedded digital content form the backbone or our in person learning experiences. Designed to allow for immersive, interactive and self-directed learning in a pop-up style, these posters are included in the PAC subscription. Find the right location in your institution, print the posters and build your own learning space.

Complete poster set for the fiberoptic skills learning space

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