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Prepare Your Equipment

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You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of the intubation procedure scrambling to find an essential piece of equipment. Learn how to set up the right way so you can be prepared.

Prepare your equipment (what you need)

When you’re at the head of the bed preparing for RSI, you need to have all of your primary equipment next to you (and working), and your backup equipment should be accounted for and easily at hand. Here is a list of the essentials.

Setting Up Your Essentials

Watch this video to see one of our faculty experts set up their equipment and give you a few great clinical pearls along the way.

A Great Cognitive Tool

In the heat of the moment, wouldn’t it be great to have a quick visual aid to help you remember all the necessary equipment? The dump kit is a simple tool to organize and remember what equipment you need before any intubation attempt. It’s also a great visual aid for learning.

network builder

Some of my favorites come from Aussies like KI Doc Tim Leeuwenburg: a medical retrieval consultant who works in an extremely rural environment.. He’s another great one for your learning network.

What’s Next


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