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The Art of FONA Strategy

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When that moment for FONA arrives, will you be able to act? To be successful you will need a strategy that will enhance your ability to successfully perform FONA in the stress and chaos of a resuscitation.

You need a strategy designed to amplify the signal that CICO is here and the time is now. Improving that signal to noise ratio is the next step on your journey to cultivate a FEARLESS FONA MINDSET.

amplification & escalation defined
a strategy to cut through the noise

The often insidious nature of a failing airway, is compounded by the fact that, as the cognitive “noise” increases, the required signal to trigger a team to act, may fall below the threshold needed to be received. A strategy that amplifies that signal combined with a series of responses that escalates FONA through rehearsed actions will help to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Amplification: /amplifiˈkāSH(ə)n/ is the strategy deployed to ensure that the “signal” of a failing airway is not drowned out the “noise” of a chaotic, complex, and stressful airway emergency. Examples of amplification include verbalizing a FONA plan before each intubation, creating a shared mental model, or declaring CICO.

Escalation: /ˌeskəˈlāSH(ə)n/ involves the tactics deployed to mobilize resources and elevate the prioritization of FONA as a declaration of CICO approaches. For example, a predicted difficult airway, might prompt a team to palpate anatomy of the neck, mark the cricothyroid membrane, or bring equipment to the bedside. This escalation is itself an amplification of the signal – increasing the team’s situational awareness that rapid transition to FONA may be required.

staying ahead of the curve

Amplification & escalation are strategies and tactics that can be learned. Doing so ensures that the appropriate “signal” to perform FONA will remain above a threshold to overcome the impact an increasingly stressful and chaotic environment or “noise” will have on you and your team so you can continue to act effectively.

the bottom line

  • Amplification & Escalation ensures the signal to noise ratio during a difficult or failed airway remains above the critical threshold that triggers a timely performance of FONA.
clinical pearl

“Experienced emergency providers recognize procedural reserve as a luxury that the patient can revoke immediately and unpredictably…” — Reuben Strayer MD


You have taken another step towards cultivation of a FEARLESS FONA MINDSET. Continuing on the journey is as easy as visiting any of the posters in this element or clicking here to go to the online space.

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