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The Two Curve Theory


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“By putting a camera on the end of a laryngoscope blade we solved the visualization problem, and created a tube delivery problem”.

Sean Runnels MD

1. Introduction

Our Technology Has Changed, Our Thinking Hasn’t

What if some of the problems we have with intubation in the age of the video laryngoscope are a legacy inherited from the age of direct laryngoscopy (DL) upon which most of our skills and tools are still based? If so, then maybe there’s a way to think differently about intubation in the current era, and then apply that new model to a new set of skills and tools for improved intubation success.

2. Think Curves Not Lines

To Improve Your First Pass Success in the Age of VL

Take a few minutes to learn about this new mental model and see how a focus on defining the geometry of they airway, and not simply the anatomy will pay dividends when it comes to intubation success in the current era.

3. The Ascendance of Geometry Over Anatomy

An In Depth Discussion with Sean Runnels MD

Sean Runnels is the creator of the Total Control Introducer, an articulating tube introducer (bougie) that utilizes the two curve theory to design a better device for difficult intubations in the VL era.

a demonstration

Spend some time with our faculty coach to see, feel, and learn the two curve theory in action so you can apply it in your practice.

4. What’s Next

You Could Stop Here But Why Would You

Access any of these related topics by finding the posters below inside the physical installation and snapping on the QR codes, or use the link below to enter the same learning space online. In person learners should use the integrated guided practice tools for hands on training.

Sean Runnels MD – Anesthesiologist and inventor of Through the Cords – Total Control Introducer

Jonathan St George MD: an Emergency Physician, Creator & Director of the Protected Airway Collaborative

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