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Hemodynamically Neutral Intubation

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When your patient’s pressure is tenuous picking the intubation meds in the appropriate doses is critical. We go over it for you here.

Rapid Review

How do you give RSI medications in a way the minimizes the impact on hemodynamics? Get a quick hit here and then dive deeper into this topic.

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Hemodynamically neutral intubation is part of an overall strategy to reduce the intubation procedure’s impact on your critically ill patient. Choosing the right agents at the right doses is how to do that.


Ketamine – .25 to .5 mg/kg in TITRATED DOSES. Go low to avoid hypotension and peri-intubation arrest.

How to Give Your Medications


Why ROCketamine & not Keturonium? Timing is important! In shock patients, you want optimal intubation conditions FAST. Understand the pharmacodynamics of your agents. Rocuronium FIRST followed by Ketamine reduces your lag time from drugs pushed to optimal intubation conditions.

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