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RSI Guided Practice

hands on training that meets you where you live
how to navigate this space

Guided practice spaces allow for self-guided training, faculty coaching, and other opportunities. Step up to the Assess your knowledge, get real time feedback, test your skills.

RSI Self-AssementGet Your Ps In Order
RSI Med ReviewMasterclass
Test Your Knowledge

Go ahead and test your knowledge on basic RSI concepts and medication dosing here.

get your 7p in order

Go ahead an find the cards in front of you. Arrange them in the proper order in under 60 seconds

RSI Med Challenge

Visit our RSI medication expert to test yourself with some cases and get some real time feedback on your choices

what’s next

Sure you could stop here, but why would you? Guided self-practice tools are integrated seamlessly to all the the related content below. Listen to the podcast, visit the online masterclass or build your own learning space 👇