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The Protected Airway Collaborative Blog

Transforming the Learning Experience

To successfully meet the challenges of lifelong learning in our current environment requires that we transform the learning space in medical education into one that is focused not just on what we learn, but on how we learn. We believe that the learning we consume as clinicians should inspire us; that it should be a source of resilience and well-being, and that by making it so, we will be more compassionate and consummate clinicians who are more prepared to use that knowledge at the bedside.

The strength of our vision lives in it’s collaborative and design forward approach: one that brings together clinicians, educators, and artists to create a different kind of learning. One that draws on the power of the creative arts to inspire and tell stories, on the sciences to improve our clinical practice, and on the diverse perspectives of our combined experience to deepen our knowledge.

Our blog highlights great airway learning from of our collaborative faculty as well as insights into how are working to build learning spaces for the next generation.

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