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The Airway Checklist


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what you’ll find here

  • An argument for the use of checklists
  • Behind the history of checklists
  • A bedside airway checklist resource
Team communication in action

Use a checklist so you can have a shared mental model by reviewing a plan of action. Here is a good example.

Rapid resource – our airway checklist

Rapid resource – our airway checklist

Just snap the QR code or click the link to get it on your mobile device.

a brief history of checklists
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The official B-17 flight manual in World War II cautioned pilots that operation of the B-17 was too complex for even experienced pilots to memorize; the checklist, therefore, was the “only sure safeguard” against pilot error, and it was “absolutely essential that the cockpit checklist be used properly by pilot and co-pilot at all times” (U.S Army, no date).

Original B-17 Checklist
an argument for checklists – Atul Gawande MD

Atul Gawande is an American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher. Take the time to listen to this powerful argument for checklists based on his book The Checklist Manifesto

Link to emupdates checklist

Here is another great airway checklist resource from one of our favorite FOAMed sources. Don’t forget to follow them and build your learning network.

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