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Is it Time to Rethink Failure

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Have you ever asked yourself what is my psychological and emotional relationship to failure? Let’s start the conversation here.


Rapid review

One thing is certain: if a fear of failure keeps us from taking effective action, only then are we truly defeated. Cultivating a FEARLESS FONA MINDSET starts by rethinking our relationship to failure when it comes to the failed airway by overcoming our fear of it.


Is your fear of FONA irrational?

On March 4th 1933 FDR uttered the immortal words, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Fear he noted, can be paralyzing, But in his famous address, FDR also analyzed why, and offered a potential solution: that it’s the nameless, unreasoning, and unjustified kinds fear that paralyze us. The remedy, FDR suggests, is to name our fear; reason through it in the hope that through this process we understand the nature of our fears, seeing that perhaps we gave fear too much power over our ability to act. This is a good place to start on our journey to examine our fear of the failed airway scenario.

Euripides Greek Tragedy's Unsung Hero | Classical Wisdom Weekly

“Reason can wrestle and overthrow terror.” Euripides (Εὐριπίδης) c. 406 BC 

Can we reason through our fear of the failed airway? Euripides thought so. What are we so afraid of that a change in attitude, a little preparation, and some confidence in our training can’t overcome?


So let’s think DIFFERENTLY about the failed airway

Finally, when it comes to our relationship with the failed airway we should remember that a failed airway does not signal defeat. It is only an opportunity to identify a problem and apply a reasonable solution. FONA. In this case the only thing we have to fear is not acting.

Next Steps

Congratulations! You are well on your way towards cultivating a Fearless FONA Mindset. To take the next step, go ahead and start exploring any of the four elements of Fearless FONA by visiting any of these posters below, or go to the online space below.

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