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Dynamic Tracheal Access: Downloads & Instructions

create your own learning space

learning that meets you where you live

Our simple pop-up design turns your access to the online masterclasses into a powerful hands on training tool that can be set up easily in any free space. Getting started is as easy as scrolling down 👇

How to build your own learning space

1 Start by choosing your posters from the list below. Please use the JPEG images or the available PDF downloads on this page depending on your printer. DO NOT use the images used elsewhere within the learning spaces on this site. They are not always up to date and often have QR codes that go to other embedded “Easter Egg” content so are not recommended for download.

choose & print your posters

2 Print your posters. They are optimized for 36×48 size and are best when printed mounted on foam background. Smaller sizes in 3 by 4 ratio can be printed for smaller spaces, but will not have the same effect as the larger sizes. Non-mounted printing is less expensive and can be mounted to a wall but are also less durable.

set up your equipment

3 Go to the recommended equipment list for the hands on skills stations to place with your posters to create a self-directed training lab or use them at your own training events with your own faculty educators. We recommend allowing the posters and the stations to be available for anytime learning and then schedule in person educators afterwards for a flipped classroom model and more customized coaching strategy.

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