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Be Great at the Bag Valve Mask


Join us as we explore the strange disconnect between this supposedly fundamental skill set and its real world implementation.


When the room is buzzing and you suddenly find yourself faced with a patient in respiratory failure, the bag valve mask is what we most often reach for as our first line of defense to protect them from hypoxia, but despite the vital role this device plays in airway management, in the real world, its use is often suboptimal. So we’re going to dig into the technical and human reasons for that here and then talk about what we can do about it in our own practice to make things better.


Jess Boyle: critical care trained paramedic and PAC faculty since 2016.

Jonathan St George: Creator & Director of the Protected Airway Collaborative

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The masterclass above is seamlessly integrated with our pop-up training labs. Just bring your mobile device and headphones and get ready to practice. Snap the QR codes embedded in our interactive infographic posters to access the procedure videos, guided audio and other tools to use with the equipment in the space. Practice at your own pace in this judgement free zone.

PAC Live!! Event

The PAC LIVE!! events are a series of theme-based airway training experiences crafted by a collaborative team of creative artists and airway experts working together to transform how you learn. PAC events merge digital and physical space in new ways to explode the traditional conference style and include engaging TED style talks, expert coaching, and simulation experience.

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