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Tube Delivery With Stylets

Tracheal access Skills for the Age of the Video Laryngoscope

In the age of the video laryngoscope (VL) access to spectacular views is easy, it’s tracheal access and tube delivery that takes on heightened urgency. This space is dedicated to successful tube delivery.

Getting started is as simple as scrolling down. Use the links below to go directly to content👇

Curve OneCurve Two
Choose Your Tube#Nofriction
Stylet ShapingPerfect vs Best
Holding the TubeTip it Forward
To the Glottis!Stop Pop Drop
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Choosing your tube.

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Stylet shaping

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To the Glottis

Creating space

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Tracheal Access

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What’s Your Next Move?

Sure you could stop here, but why would you? Use the digital content in this space for guided self-practice in one of our pop-up learning installations, listen to the podcast, or dive into any of the related content below.

now use this space for hands 🙌 on guided practice

If you’re in one of our pop-up learning spaces, use the guided audio and multimedia tools here for self-guided practice. Then join one of our PAC Live!! events for expert coaching and simulation experience to complete your training.

Self-Practice: guided audio

Visualization is a valuable training tool. Use this audio to help you visualize each step of tube delivery, or use it to guide your self-practice in one of our pop-up spaces.

Expert discussion on the SFB

Listen to our team of experts from across the emergency airway universe discuss the finer points of various FONA techniques

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curated FOAMED

We curate some of the best FOAMed resources so you can dive deeper into this topic and also build your learning network. Follow some of these great educators for great learning. We do!!

A FONA captured in the wild

The hyperangulated video laryngoscope blades’ (HAVL) exaggerated angle amplifies all the tube delivery issues discussed in this space, but no one teaches this better than Dr George Kovacs at AIME Airway We highly encourage you to add them to your learning network.

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