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The DuCanto SALAD Masterclass


In this space Dr Jim DuCanto master educator and creator of the SALAD technique will teach you how to overcome one of the most feared scenarios in emergency airway. Massive contamination. Getting started is as easy as scrolling down 👇

Meet the creator of SALAD

Dr James DuCanto, MD, is an anaesthesiologist and master educator with a special interest of innovating and improving airway management. He is the inventor of the SALAD (Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy & Airway Decontamination) simulator and the SSCOR DuCanto Catheter.

LEARN how to Map Your own Journey

We design education programs that merge digital and physical space for an enhanced learning experience. Move seamlessly between our online masterclasses and our immersive in person installations and follow your own path. Learn more here.

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Getting started is as easy as scrolling down, or use the links here to go directly to any of the related learning spaces below 👇

what is salad???

Get your introduction here…

what is salad???

Get your introduction here…

the core salad skills

A simple device, an ingenious set of skills, a game changer

the “saga” continues

Good airway decontamination skills are not just for endotracheal tube placement.

Nextgen learning designed to elevate your airway practice

We merge digital and physical space in new ways to give you all the tools required to master these essential airway skills. Move seamlessly between podcasts, online masterclasses, guided self-practice tools and in person events.

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