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Prepare Your Patient Guided – Practice

hands on training that meets you where you live
how to navigate this space

Guided practice spaces include self-assessment tools and allow for self-guided training, faculty coaching, and other hands on learning opportunities. Step into the station upgrade your skills.

Self-AssementCritical Actions
Expert FeedbackMasterclass
Test Your Knowledge

Go ahead and test your knowledge on basic RSI concepts and medication dosing here.

critical actions

Head over to the stretcher with the own the head of the bed training station and perform these four critical actions until you are comfortable with each.



Place your patient in the optimal position for pre-oxygenation and preparation for intubation.



How good are your IV access skills. Place an IV on your patient using our IV trainer. Get expert feedback from one of our skilled RNs.



Go ahead and place your patient appropriately on the monitor.



Get some O’s up the nose! Place your patient on the correct oxygen device(s) and discuss with your faculty coach best practice.

what’s next

Sure you could stop here, but why would you? Guided self-practice tools are integrated seamlessly to all the the related content below. Listen to the podcast, visit the online masterclass or build your own learning space 👇

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