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Negotiating the Primary Curve

Looking around the tongue

Aligning axes: return to where we started and review the DL paradigm.

Rapid ReviewDeliberate Practice
Guided AudioWhat’s Next
Rapid Review

A quick review of where we’ve been to prime you for what comes next.

guided self practice tools

This content can be used in a number of ways: review it as part of the online masterclass, use the audio for visualization of key skills, or access it through one of our pop-up learning spaces for hands on guided self-practice. Learning that meets you where you live.

  1. Enter any PAC pop-up space.
  2. Access guide by scanning the QR codes with your own device.
  3. Use the prompts in this video to guide you through the procedure.
  4. Place device in holder for hands free use. ✋🤚
Self-Practice: guided audio

Visualization is a valuable training tool. Use this audio to help you visualize the steps of FOI, or use it to guide your self-practice in one of our pop-up spaces.

Learn more about this technique here

Use the link below to access all the content on this topic through the masterclass space.

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