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Dynamic Tracheal Access Masterclass

a new paradigm for the Age of the Video Laryngoscope

“Intubation is a system, that has a human, a visualization and a tracheal access component, If we want to solve the current problems of intubation, we need to think in terms of an intubation system, and not just intubation.”

Sean Runnels MD

In the age of the video laryngoscope (VL) we can achieve spectacular views of airway anatomy, but this advance hasn’t uniformly lead to improved first pass success. That’s because in the quest to improve our view of the larynx we neglected tracheal access and tube delivery suffered.

15 years into the VL paradigm our approach is in need of an upgrade. It’s time for a different mental model, one that prioritizes geometry over anatomy, and access over images. With it we need new skills and new tools. that integrate effectively with the advantages the use of VL brings.

We built this space in collaboration with a true expert on this problem @RunnelsSean who will guide you through all the concepts and skills in this practice practice changing learning space dedicated to successful tube delivery in the age of VL.

Getting started is as simple as scrolling down or go directly to the content by using the links below👇

Two Curve TheoryKey Concepts
Aligning AxesPrimary Curve
Secondary CurveWhat’s Next

The Two Curve Theory. A mental model for the age of the video laryngoscope

New paradigms create new vocabulary. Dive into some of the key terms and the concepts that go with them here.

Aligning axes: return to where we started and review the DL paradigm.

Looking around the tongue – the primary curve

The Secondary Curve, the point of inflection and tracheal access

what’s next

Sure you could stop here, but why would you? Use the digital content in this space for guided self-practice in one of our pop-up learning installations, listen to the podcast, or dive into any of the related content below. 👇



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