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Dynamic Tracheal Access: Guided Self-Practice Tools

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Let educator Sean Runnels MD explain his training sequence to help you understand the two curve theory better; then practice on your own with our guided self-practice tools. Getting started is as easy as snapping the QR codes in front of you or scrolling down👇

We start this training sequence by flattening curves, not looking around them by picking up the direct laryngoscope and the bougie to get tracheal access.

Contrast the first sequence with this one and see how the rules of tracheal access change with a blade that follows curves instead of flattening them.

Solve the riddle of the primary curve with the rigid stylet.

Now solve the secondary curve with a dynamic tracheal access device.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the guided self-practice training sequence. Now let’s review a few key concepts before you go.

what’s next

Sure you could stop here, but why would you? Guided self-practice tools are integrated seamlessly to all the the related content below. Listen to the podcast, visit the online masterclass or build your own learning space 👇

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