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Introduction to the Physiologically Difficult Airway

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There’s a dangerous intersection between critically ill physiology and intubation. If you don’t want to crash and burn, you must pay attention to the number one rule of the road “resuscitate before you intubate.” In this space we will expand your understanding of what makes an airway difficult, and show you an effective method for navigating the dangerous physiology of the peri-intubation period, so that you can protect your patients from the negative impact that medications, endotracheal tube placement, and positive pressure ventilation can have on critically ill patients. 

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If “resuscitate before you intubate” is the meme of the physiologically difficult airway, then the four P’s of peri-intubation resuscitation are its organizing principle.

— Sara Murphy DO, Critical Care Faculty – Director of the Physiologically Difficult Airway Installation

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Sure you could stop here, but why would you? Visit each poster below to explore all the content in this space, and use the guided practice stations in this space to hone your skills. Then, find a faculty coach located at key stations within the space for expert feedback 👇

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