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Introduction to the Anatomically Difficult Airway

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The anatomically difficult airway (ADA) conjures images of grossly distorted anatomy, and the advanced skills used to overcome them, but this is not the whole story. Before the heroics, there are some important misconceptions and myths surrounding the ADA that need to be discussed.

To start we ask “what makes an airway anatomically difficult,” and how accurately can we predict them? What should happen when we identify and ADA, and should we do when we find ourselves unexpectedly confronted with one.

In this space we will teach you what to do for both an expected and unexpected ADA, so that you can stay out of trouble and protect your patient from harm. Then we dive into all advanced laryngoscopy, fiberoptic, tube introducer, and FONA skills you will ever need to rescue any anatomically difficult airway scenario.

If being able to master any anatomically difficult airway that comes along sounds good to you, then this is the learning space for you. Getting started is as easy as snapping a QR code next to any station in our physical spaces or scrolling down. 👇

What’s next

Sure you could stop here, but why would you? Visit each poster below to explore all the content in this space, and use the guided practice stations in this space to hone your skills. Then, find a faculty coach located at key stations within the space for expert feedback 👇

Integrated Digital & Physical Space

When you can’t be with us in person, don’t worry. All of this content lives in both the physical and digital space. Enter here for the complete online curriculum for learning anytime, anywhere.

Map Your own Journey

We design education programs that merge digital and physical space for an enhanced learning experience. Move seamlessly between them and follow your own path.

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