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Rapid Airway Assessment

A nextgen learning spaced designed to elevate your airway practice


When stepping up to the head of the bed In a rapidly evolving emergency, it may be hard to fully assess the airway of that altered or agitated patient with the same detail as you would for an elective pre-operative assessment, but the skilled clinician should still be able to quickly and efficiently get some of the most important information they need by doing a few simple things. Things that you should learn and incorporate into your own practice. They only take seconds and can sometimes be the difference between success and failure. Here they are.

Rapid ReviewDetailed AssessmentMnemonics


Here is what we consider the bare minimum. The essential elements of the rapid airway assessment that can be done in under 60 seconds.


If you have a little more time and a co-operative patient, this is a great video showing some of the key features of a full assessment that can be performed prior to intubation.

Tool to Help

We want to give you some quick assessment tools in easy mnemonic form so that you can start to apply them at the bedside for your next airway assessment.

Congratulations on completing this learning space! You could stop here, but why would you want to? Look for more Anatomically Difficult Airway (ADA) learning spaces and add another bundle of concepts, tools, and skills your airway tool box 🧰

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