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Fiberoptic Device Basics

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In this space, it’s all about technique. Getting started is as simple as scrolling down, or use the navigation links below to go directly to content. 👇

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1. Rapid Review

A World Where Up Is Down & Down Is Up

Success begins with good technique. There are 4 basic movements for controlling the distal tip of the fiberoptic device which you will use to guide to the device and tube into the trachea: Up/Down & Left/Right.

The UP/DOWN movement of the distal tip comes from your thumb on the lever. Combined with rotation of the handle with your wrist you can also move the distal tip of the scope LEFT/RIGHT. It is important to not that ALL movement should come from movements of the lever/wrist and NEVER from twisting or torquing the distal end of the scope.

To get you warmed up, watch this rapid review designed to give you the highlights, and prime you for what comes next. ⏩

ONe more time – the four basic movements

2. Dive Deeper – Full Video

Detailed Video of Basic Movements

Want a little more detail? Take a few extra minutes to watch this full procedure video on how to handle this device: the basic movements, along with some clinical pearls.

3. The Keys to Good Technique

How to Bring it All Together

Now that you understand the basic movements, remember that the key to good technique and control of the device depends on how well you’re doing the things listed below. When practice make sure to review all of these elements yourself, with the help of a partner or one of our faculty coaches in one of our learning installations.👇

Instructions for use

This learning space has an integrated hands on training station. Pick up the equipment and use the guided practice tools to improve your technique in a judgement free zone. To get started:

  1. Look for the tabletop card
  2. Snap the QR code
  3. Begin your practice


What’s Next

You Could Stop Here But Why Would You

Access any of these related topics by finding the posters below inside the physical installation and snapping on the QR codes, or use the link below to enter the same learning space online. In person learners should use the integrated guided practice tools for hands on training.

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