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Fiberoptic Device Basics – Tools of the Trade

  • Basic skills & precision movements for use of a fiberoptic intubation device
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Organized from rapid review to deep dive; getting started is as simple as scrolling down, or using the links in the navigation tool below.👇

Rapid ReviewFull Video
MicroskillsGuided Practice
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Rapid Review

Real time too slow for you? This high speed selection will jog your memory, give you the highlights, and prime you for what comes next. ⏩

ONe more time – the four basic movements

  1. Thumb 👎 elevates the tip.
  2. Thumb 👍 drops it down.
  3. Tip up? Right goes RIGHT
  4. Tip down? Right goes LEFT
  • Rotational movements left or right are dependent on whether you’re in the up or down position.
  • There is no movement right or left if the tip is in the neutral position.  
  • All movement comes from the dominant hand. Do not grab distal end too tightly or torque it with non-dominant hand
  • Keep it straight. Too much curve and no movement can be transmitted.
  • If you’re with us in person, pick up the scope at this station and practice until if feels natural to you. 🤚
Dive Deep – full video

Take some time to dig into the details and watch this full procedure video on how to handle this device.


  1. Look for this tabletop card
  2. Snap the QR code
  3. Begin your practice


Access any of these related learning spaces by finding the posters below and snapping on the QR codes, or use the link below to enter the online masterclass. In person learners use the same video and guided audio tools for hands on practice in any of our PAC installations or live events.

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