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Fiberoptic Intubation Technique

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Listen here


Alright, let’s get you prepped to perform this procedure. Please listen to the introduction and review the step-by-step videos and guided practice tools here. Then, practice independently until you’re ready for expert coaching and feedback in our physical space.

Rapid Review

Steps for Tracheal Access & Tube Delivery With Fiberoptic

In this rapid review we take you through the procedure of fiberoptic intubation using a Williams Oral Airway. Use this high-speed selection to give you the highlights as a quick refresher or to prime you for what comes next.

Dive Deeper

Time to Focus on the Little Details

Now take a few more minutes to dig into the details and watch this full procedure video on fiberoptic intubation. In this case we show you how to use a William Airway to assist with tracheal access and tube delivery. Pay particular attention to how the scope is delivered down the tube with the non-dominant hand.

Expert Tips

Things That Will Make You Better

ICYMI, during the videos above, here are some important but often overlooked little details that will help you improve your technique. Make sure to incorporate these expert tips into your hands-on practice.

Bend this Not That

If you’re finding it hard to hold that scope up over your head, high enough or long enough, to deliver that tube, guess what, you don’t have to! What this cool expert tip. 😎

Walking the Scope

Having trouble driving the scope to the target? One problem may be how you’re “walking” that scope down the tube, inadvertently pushing it too far down. Watch this tip 👀

Troubleshooting Tips

Learn How to Problem Solve

Even with the best technique you can run into problems. This clinical pearls will help you to avoid common problems and troubleshoot in realtime with a toolkit of solutions to deploy. 🧰

The Tube/Scope Mismatch

Did you know that the size of the tube relative to the scope matters? Take a moment to learn why.

Tools of the Trade

Spend Some Time With the Tools

Learn more about each of the items used in effectively intubating your patient with a fiberoptic device. If you’re with us in person snap on the QR code of each item and learn more. 🤚

Tongue DepressorWilliams Oral Airway
Endotracheal TubeThe Bronchoscope
Coming Soon!!

Checklist for AFOI

Download & Use Me 👇

This AFOI checklist is a great cognitive tool that will ensure the proper preparation of your patient, your equipment, and your team prior to awake fiberoptic intubation. Use it for just-in-time learning or in the clinical space.

What’s Next


When you’re ready, it’s time to head to the next poster shown here to continue the journey through this space.

Online Only

If you can’t be with us in person, you can still use this enhanced digital content as an online course. Visit the next poster for this learning space by using the link below. Otherwise, head to the next poster above to continue through the physical learning space.