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What’s Your Plan?

part of the anatomically difficult airway learning space


Getting started is as simple as scrolling down or go directly to the content by using the links below👇

Rapid ReviewDAS Algorithm
Network BuilderDeliberate Practice
What’s NextMasterclass


rapid review

Real time too slow for you? Accelerate your learning by getting right to it in under 45 seconds. Then dive into the rest of the material here.


Failure to intubate isn’t failure, failure to plan for failure is.

the DAS Algorithm

The Difficult Airway Society (DAS) created a simplified guideline for the unanticipated difficult airway in 2015. We like its straight forward approach.

Go ahead and visit the DAS website and then we recommend adding them to your social learning network by following them on Twitter.

hands on opportunities

If you’re at one of our PAC Live!! events visit our expert faculty within this installation for real time coaching on this topic.

WHAT’S NEXT – map your own journey 👇

This space is self-directed. For in person learners, review the posters below, choose the one you want, and locate it within the installation to continue your training. Snap the QR codes embedded within them to access the learning space. Look for the ✋ emoji for integrated hands on training opportunities, and the 💪 to indicate a SIM challenge.

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