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What’s Your Plan?

part of the anatomically difficult airway learning space

Getting started is as simple as scrolling down or go directly to the content by using the links below👇

Rapid ReviewDAS Algorithm
App ResourceDeliberate Practice
What’s NextMore ADA


The Digital Learning Space

Enhanced Online Content

Scroll down and enter. Explore each section below, or use the navigation tool here to go directly to the content you’re interested in. Then, in the physical space look for the guided practice icons for hands-on procedure and skills training.

Rapid Review

What will you do if your initial plan to intubate fails? First you need to flip that mental switch from intubation to prioritizing oxygenation. Then you need to have a plan.

Real time too slow for you? Accelerate your learning by getting right to it in under 45 seconds. Then dive into the rest of the material here.


Failure to intubate isn’t failure, failure to plan for failure is.

The DAS Algorithm

a SIMPLE template

The Difficult Airway Society (DAS) created a simplified guideline for the unanticipated difficult airway in 2015. We like its straight forward approach.

Go ahead and visit the DAS website and then we recommend adding them to your social learning network by following them on Twitter.

The Physical Learning Space

Procedures, Skills, Expert Coaching

Every digital learning space is designed to become an immersive, hands-on training lab in the physical space. Look for equipment stations and guided practice icons for hands-on procedure and skills training, expert coaching, simulations, and team training.

HANDS-ON training

Remember, if you’re in one of our pop-up learning spaces or a PAC Live event, find this icon and use the multimedia tools for hands-on guided practice.

  1. Look for this icon.
  2. Snap the QR code.
  3. Begin your hands-on practice.
  4. Get feedback on your skills.

Don’t forget to ask our faculty coaches for real-time expert feedback and earn points!

User Guide

Open this to help guide you through the space and earn credit toward completion.

  1. Open the guide to a tab on your browser.
  2. Visit each poster & review the content.
  3. Complete any challenges to earn points.

Curated Apps

app resource

The Airway Management Academy recently created a great app full of clinical and educational tools for airway assessment. We invite you to check it out. We have no financial stake in this (we just thought you should know about it).

What’s Next


Congratulations! You’ve completed this section of the learning space. Collect all the available points before moving on to the next poster to explore all the interactive and hands-on learning opportunities. 

Online Only

If you can’t be with us in person, you can still use this enhanced digital content as an online course. Visit the digital home page of this learning space by using the link below. Otherwise, head to the next poster above to continue through the physical learning space.

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