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What’s Your Plan?

part of the anatomically difficult airway learning space

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Rapid ReviewDAS Algorithm
App ResourceDeliberate Practice
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rapid review

What will you do if your initial plan to intubate fails? First you need to flip that mental switch from intubation to prioritizing oxygenation. Then you need to have a plan.

Real time too slow for you? Accelerate your learning by getting right to it in under 45 seconds. Then dive into the rest of the material here.


Failure to intubate isn’t failure, failure to plan for failure is.

the DAS Algorithm

The Difficult Airway Society (DAS) created a simplified guideline for the unanticipated difficult airway in 2015. We like its straight forward approach.

Go ahead and visit the DAS website and then we recommend adding them to your social learning network by following them on Twitter.

app resource

The Airway Management Academy recently created a great app full of clinical and educational tools for airway assessment. We invite you to check it out. We have no financial stake in this (we just thought you should know about it).

Time for some case based learning

Let’s go through a series of cases to help your plan development skills. If you’re with us in person, visit our expert coaches to run through some cases for real time feedback on your plan(s).

Congratulations on completing this learning space! You could stop here, but why would you want to? Look for more Anatomically Difficult Airway (ADA) learning spaces and add another bundle of concepts, tools, and skills your airway tool box 🧰

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