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Welcome to the Tracheostomy

nextgen learning designed to elevate your airway practice


Tracheostomies are common airway devices, and their complications can be devasting if you’re unfamiliar with them. So, we designed this learning space on tracheostomies with airway expert Kelly Crane, MD, to provide you with real-world skills that will translate immediately to the bedside. Let Dr Crane and our PAC team guide you through all the concepts, tools, and hands-on skills you need to be able to manage any tracheostomy emergency. Getting started is as easy as scrolling down.👇

Meet the Creator

Get to know the creator of this learning space, Critical Care Fellow, Kelly Crane MD. Then find out why this curriculum is relevant to anyone and everyone who cares for patients.

The Integrated Learning Space

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Our enhanced digital content allows you to learn in multiple ways. Use the digital space here as an online course for learning anytime, anywhere. Then, let the same enhanced digital content guide you through our uniquely immersive, interactive physical spaces for hands-on procedure training, skills challenges, expert coaching, and high-fidelity simulations. Welcome to next-generation training designed to elevate your airway practice.

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Open the guide and visit each poster to collect maximum points. If you are in a PAC pop-up physical space, complete the skills challenges, demonstrate your skills to our expert faculty, and get real-time feedback to earn even more points towards completion.

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Bleeding, obstruction, displacement. These are just some of the complications that can occur when managing a patient with a tracheostomy.

Some Background

A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure in which a small opening, called a stoma, is created in the front of the neck to provide direct access to the trachea (windpipe). This surgical opening allows for the insertion of a tube called a tracheostomy tube or trach tube. The tracheostomy tube facilitates breathing by providing an alternative airway route, bypassing the upper airway, including the nose and mouth.

Why It Matters

Some Numbers

Why is this learning space relevant? Let’s share a few numbers with you. If you work in an emergency department, hospital, or pre-hospital setting, chances are you are going to see a catastrophic event related to trachs. Here’s why. (US Data).

Bottom Line

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  1. Open the guide to a tab on your browser.
  2. Visit each poster & review the content.
  3. Complete any challenges to earn points.

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When you’re ready, it’s time to head to the next poster shown here to continue the journey through this space.

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If you can’t be with us in person, you can still use this enhanced digital content as an online course. Visit the next poster for this learning space by using the link below. Otherwise, head to the next poster above to continue through the physical learning space.