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Video Laryngoscopy

nextgen learning designed to elevate your airway practice
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VL pearls

Another great demonstration by AIME on the proper placement of the laryngoscope into the vallecula.


  1. Look for this tabletop card
  2. Snap the QR code
  3. Begin your practice

If you’re in one of our pop-up learning spaces or a PAC Live!! event, find this tabletop card and, use the multimedia tools for a guided practice training experience with the equipment at this station.

Don’t forget to engage our faculty coaches for real-time expert feedback when you’re done.

what’s next

Congratulations on completing this portion of Join the OxygeNATION. You’re well on your way. Go ahead and explore more of this learning space by visiting any of the related posters or clicking on the poster images below. Then make sure you visit the hands on guided practice stations and expert coaches in this space for feedback on your skills.

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