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What you’ll find here

  • Critical Knowledge about aerosolizing procedures in emergency airway
  • Skills for personal safety
rapid review to Dive Deep 🤿

This space is organized to bring you the most rapid and essential knowledge first. After that, go ahead and customize your learning by exploring what’s important to you in the content below. Look for the ✋emoji for learning that has an associated hands on component for in person learners.

Rapid review – donning

Freedom – GrandMaster Flash

rapid review – doffing

Stylo (feat. Mos Def) – Gorillaz

full donning and doffing video
the bottom line

  • Effective PPE use requires understanding of level of PPE required for aerosolizing procedures
  • Donning & Doffing skills should be practiced regularly
  • The effects of PPE and other safety measures are additive, and work best together
Click here to see our full intubation protocol

We developed a full COVID-19 intubation protocol for our hospital during the surge in 2020. You can access all of the material here,

deliberate practice training lab

Finished with the content here? If you’re with us in person, go ahead and enter the PPE training lab where you’ll find PPE available to practice donning & doffing skills. We suggest working in pairs: so find a partner and give each other feedback on you’re technique 👀👩‍⚕️


For in person learners, locate any of the posters below within the installation to continue your training. Then snap the QR codes embedded within them to access the learning space. Look for the ✋emoji for integrated hands on training opportunities.

when you can’t be with us – Online learning

When you can’t be with us in person, you can still access all the same content on this topic. Simply click on the masterclass link below to take you to the online masterclass learning space.

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