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Tracheostomy Tubes – Tools of the Trade

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Tools of the trade

Tracheostomies are simple devices but if you’re not familiar with the basic design and some of the variations then they can be more intimidating than they have to be.

  1. Spend a few minutes watching this video
  2. Then find the in person station on trachs to get some hands on training.
essential Microskills

Tracheostomy tube design is different and varied. One size does not all. Some simple gestures and skills are required, and we show them to you here.

  1. Visit the related in person station
  2. Use the content here to practice each skill
Clinical Pearls

Beyond the basics, there are a few important clinical pearls that will help keep you on track when you walk into the room of patient with a tracheostomy tube. Here they are.

If you’re with us in person head over to the equipment in this station and get familiar with the difference tracheostomy devices and their parts.

  1. Look for this sign
  2. Snap the QR code
  3. Begin your practice.

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