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Tracheostomy Emergencies

nextgen learning designed to elevate your airway practice

We designed this masterclass on tracheostomies to provide you with real world skills that will translate immediately to the bedside. Let Dr Kelly Crane and our PAC team guide you through all the concepts and skills you need to have the confidence to manage any tracheostomy in an emergency.

how to navigate this space

We design education programs that merge digital and physical space for an enhanced learning experience. Move seamlessly between our online masterclasses and our immersive in person installations and follow your own path.

Start here

If you’re here, then getting started is as easy as scrolling down, or snapping any QR code at our in person events. Content here is organized from rapid review to deep dive, or you can also use the links below to go directly to specific topics. 👇

IntroductionClinical AnatomyTools of the Trade
DecannulationBreathing EmergencyBleeding Emergency
Introduction to the masterclass

Get a quick introduction to this space and learn what motivated its creator to develop it. Then find out why this curriculum is relevant to anyone who cares for patients with tracheostomies.

essential anatomy

Learn the essential clinical anatomy that will help you manage and troubleshoot an trach issue safely and effectively.

tools of the trade

Tracheostomies are simple devices but if you’re not familiar with the basic design and some of the variations then they can be more intimidating than they have to be.

accidental de-cannulation

That trach fell out? No problem. We’ve got you covered here.

how to manage that trach PATIENT in respiratory distress

Learn the critical steps to manage respiratory distress in that patient with a tracheostomy.

the bleeding trach

What may be more terrifying than a trach patient with respiratory distress? A trach patient with blood pouring from the stoma. We cover what to do here.

Now that you’ve reviewed the material here, it’s time to look for this tabletop card at the deliberate practice station for some guided self-practice.

Sure you could stop here, but why would you? Return to the complete learning space on this topic and listen to the podcast, explore the masterclass, guided self-practice tools, downloads, live events and more. 👇

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