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Pocket Bougie

Tools of the Trade


The Introes Pocket Bougie is designed to fit into an airway kit, EMS trauma bag, tactical trauma kit or cargo pant pocket for ease of deployment for an airway rescue. Made from a special blend of Teflon, the Introes Pocket Bougie is self-lubricated, malleable and will maintain its memory shape when customized by the user prior to intubation when encountered by a difficult airway. The unique curve of the Introes Pocket Bougie follows the natural path of the airway thereby allowing the bougie to get up and under the epiglottis unlike the traditional straight bougies. The Teflon also allows for a more distinct feel of the tracheal rings to confirm placement called Tactiglide Technology. The addition of soft, rounded, dome tips make the Introes Pocket Bougie safer to use. Lastly, the flexibility of the Introes Pocket Bougie allows for the distal tip to be flexed for the very anterior airway such as a grade 2 or 3 airway where the vocal cords are not clearly visible or in the event of using video laryngoscopy and the cords may be visualized but cannot successfully pass an endotracheal tube. 


  • Designed to fit in an EMS bag or intubation kit
  • Balanced rigidity with soft tissue protection
  • Non removable innovative depth markings
  • Optimal curve with shape memory
  • Designed to fit in a standard pocket
  • Advanced Tactiglide Technology
  • Individual sterile packaging
  • Self-lubricated bougie
  • Latex free

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