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The Virtual Training Lab

For Better Performance in the Real World

Virtual Training Lab

Immersive, Interactive, Collaborative


We’re partnering with airway experts, our SIM center at Weill Cornell, and one of the leaders in telemedicine, the Center for Virtual Care, to develop innovative new tools that provide safe, efficient, realistic, and effective airway training built for today’s learning environment. Like our installations at the Protected Airway Course our expert airway educators have applied design thinking to merge digital and physical space in order to transcend the limits of online learning: expanding our use of the virtual space to enhance your clinical performance in the real world. Here you’ll be able explore our master airway classes online at your own pace, then work with our team to hone your clinical interactions and skills to make them more effective using our new virtual training lab solutions. Welcome to the future of airway training.


Many of our procedures allow us to send training kits to you! Like the advanced front of neck access (surgical airway) training tool show below, you can perform deliberate practice training at home, then connect with our faculty experts remotely to get real-time feedback.


We can come to you. We will help you set up your own virtual training lab, then we give you the expertise. Our faculty provide customized content, and are skilled at running remote simulations with groups around the world.