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The Rigid Stylet

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“Think of the rigid stylet as an essential airway tool, equal in importance to its partner the hyperangulated blade. You can’t really be successful with one without the other.”


The Rigid Stylet

An often overlooked requirement of getting good with the hyperangulated blade is that it also requires getting comfortable with two new airway tools, not one. The rigid stylet is not like regular stylets that you may be used to, and it requires learning some new skills to ensure effective tracheal access and efficient tube delivery.

The Difference

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Great Moments in PAC history
thumbs up – Tube Delivery

One our favorite moments from PAC20. Tube delivery, Hawaiian Style 🏄‍♂️🌈 🤙 with Jim DuCanto MD @jducanto Don’t forget to add him to your learning network.

are you a primate?

After tube delivery, you need to safely remove the stylet without bringing the tube with it! A grip change can allow you to advance the tube into the trachea, and use of the left thumb to secure it to the handle of the laryngoscope are two great tips by Jose Torres MD, another great airway add to your learning network.

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