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The Exchange Catheter


We merge digital and physical space in new ways to bring you this next generation learning style. Every learning space at PAC is designed to integrate online, remote, and in person opportunities into one immersive, interactive and self-directed learning experience. So whether your with us in person in one of our learning installations or online exploring one of our masterclasses all the content is designed to bring you with more resilient, more engaging, more accessible airway training to help you meet the challenges of developing emergency airway skills in today’s learning environment.

Audio intro here
what you’ll find here

  • Procedure skills training for use of an exchange catheter
    • Rapid reviews
    • Full procedure video
    • Micro-skill gifs
    • Guided audio
  • Expert clinical pearls
  • 🖐 -on training opportunities

rapid review to Dive Deep 🤿

This space is organized to bring you the most rapid and essential knowledge first. After that, go ahead and customize your learning by exploring what’s important to you in the content below. Look for the ✋emoji for learning that has an associated hands on component for in person learners.

rapid review

Just want a quick refresher in 30 seconds or less? Start here. Loop it and enjoy 🔁

Full video – aintree cather

choose what you want to learn – microskills
Load Catheter
Remove SAD
Place ETT
🤔 Self-Practice Visualization Audio Guide

Guided visualization is a valuable training tool. Use this audio to walk yourself through the steps of using a TCI for intubation until it you can do it on your own without the audio.


For in person learners, locate any of the posters below within the installation to continue your training. Then snap the QR codes embedded within them to access the learning space. Look for the ✋emoji for integrated hands on training opportunities.

Online Learning Only

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