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The Element of Practice

time erodes skills

As time inevitably erodes our skills, how do we stay prepared for this high stakes low frequency event? The answer is simple. Regular practice. In this space we review key anatomy, the eFONA procedure, and provide you with an easy way to get the regular practice you need using our integrated guide practice training stations.

Core Concept
FIND the ctm

Afraid to cut the neck? Don’t be. We show you the clinically relevant anatomy and how to make the cut safely.

Guided Practice
the simplicity of the scalpel

In time dependent moments of stress, less is always more. You need a simplified approach to the surgical airway.

Core Concept
staying sharp for the rare event

The high stakes, low frequency event like a failed airway places a unique set of demands on how we learn. One of them is easy access to high quality training tools.