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The Difficult Airway Defined

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 We’re dedicated to transforming how we learn in medical education. Merging digital and physical space to create self-directed, immersive, interactive and collaborative learning experiences that meet the next generation of learners where they live.

-The Protected Airway Course


Online learning can only take you so far. You still need to be able to translate that knowledge into effective action in the real world of emergency airway care. Our training is designed to transcend those limits. Our team of physician educators and simulation specialists are partnering with internationally renowned airway experts and one of the leaders in telemedicine, the Center for Virtual Care, to develop innovative new tools that provide safe, efficient, realistic, and effective airway training built for today’s learning environment. Like our installations at the Protected Airway Course our medical educators have applied design thinking to merge digital and physical space in order to create better online learning and remote training.

In the Virtual Training Lab you’ll be able explore our expert master airway classes online at your own pace, then work with our team to hone your clinical interactions and skills to make them more effective using our new virtual training lab solutions. Welcome to the future of airway training.

Step One: Take the Online Master Class

  • Faculty
  • Jonathan St George MD
  • Creator of the Protected Airway Course

Introduction to the difficult airway

Anatomic variation and pathologic abnormalities can test the limits of your ability and make placement of an endotracheal tube difficult, and while we commonly refer to these types of challenges when we are talking about a difficult airway, in reality they are only one space in the difficult airway universe. This means that developing confidence in your intubation skills and having a good backup plan to overcome anatomic difficulty is only a small part of the entire difficult airway equation. If you want to expand your notion of what makes an airway difficult beyond the basic concept then join us here in the virtual training lab where we will give you a complete set of concepts and skills that will help you plan for, identify, and address the full spectrum of circumstances that make an airway difficult.

Lesson #1 – What is the difficult airway

Defining, refining, and expanding your definition of the difficult airway with the creator of the Protected Airway Course – Jonathan St. George MD
Learn how to predict and plan for the anatomically difficult airway so that you’re never caught off guard
Navigate the dangerous intersection of critically ill physiology and airway management
Learn from pre-hospital experience how to manage airways in unfamiliar environments

Lesson Reviews

  1. What is the Difficult Airway
  2. The anatomically difficult airway
  3. The physiologically difficult airway
  4. The situationally difficult airway –

Step Two: Meet Our Experts in the Virtual Classroom

After completion of the master class online we connect you with the faculty for the training sessions online for remote presentations, discussions, and Q&A. Each session will help to fill in any gaps in knowledge and to give you insight into the mind of the experts. Connect below to sign up for times when the faculty and other learners meet in the virtual classroom

Step Three: Enter the Virtual Training Simulations

Our expert team has designed a series of remote training simulations and exercises on this topic. We provide the training scenarios and the experts and you provide the space for you and your team to test your skills. All virtual training sessions include real-time feedback and debrief. Our virtual simulations allow you to hone your clinical interactions as well as your skills to make them more effective.

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