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The Decision to Intubate Master Class

Hidden Skills & the Path to Develop Expert Timing

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Timing. It’s that soft skill that separates the expert from the novice. In emergency airway care the decision to intubate is one of those skills. To get good at it takes practice and experience, but you can get better at it if you ask yourself these three questions for every patient in whom you are considering intubation.

Jonathan St George MD – Creator of the Protected Airway



In this session we’re going to talk about making the decision to intubate. This is one of those soft skills, that we don’t talk about enough in emergency airway care. But it’s really important! That’s because, if we intubate our patients too soon, we’re exposing them to dangerous and potentially unnecessary procedures. But if we delay intubation in patients who really need it, then what could have been a calm and ordered process, can quickly turn into a more dangerous crash airway. That’s why it’s important to develop your well-honed sense of expert timing around this important decision. This series of master class style videos and deeper dives will help.

Can you learn expert timing?

What is expert timing when it comes to intubation, and how can I learn it? That’s the focus of this session. Let Mr Miyagi guide you!

How Do i know if my patient is protecting their airway??

Do you know how to tell if a patient is protecting their airway? Which patients are at risk of obstruction and aspiration.

Assessing adequate oxygenation & Ventilation

How do you assess the critical elements of oxygen delivery and gas exchange? (hint it’s not with a blood gas)!

What is your patient’s immediate future?

What do you need to know to stay ahead of the curve? Plan ahead and make sure an expected intubation doesn’t become a crash intubation.

Schedule of PAC LIVE!! Events

Our team has designed a series of live online events: expert discussions, interviews, training simulations and deliberate practice exercises. Our live events allow you to hone your clinical interactions as well as your skills to make them more effective.

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Build Your Own Learning Installations with the PAC Poster Series

The PAC posters used in the course are available to you, so you can build these essential emergency airway installations at your shop. Just download and print our interactive posters, and you will have access to all the embedded digital airway content that will walk learners through all the core concepts and skills for this topic. Set them up in any pop-up space, then keep them up as long as you like, use them over and over! Just add your own equipment and faculty for hands on learning.


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